Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Welcome Along!!!

So I have been meaning to do this for a while!!!
A blog about crafts, arty things and cooking!!!
Basically things I like to do in my spare time,
so in this blog I will be posting mainly about the crafts I make and some art, if i ever get round to doing any, and also some cooking.
so for now, I will maybe leave you with a few pictures of previous projects, which I may post about if people want to know how they are made.
This is a patchwork I was comisioned to make for a friends baby shower, the ladies at the shower each made a patch, then i sewed them together, quilted it and bound it. Hopefully they like it!!!

Some Christmas Decorations which I have started making, really easy out of felt and a bit of ribbon and a small bell at the bottom!!!
Birthday muffins for a friend, I did cheat, not something I do often, but they were still yummy and sugary!!!!

Butterfly made from felt, seriously easy but very cute, will probably use for a present at some point.

1st attempt at blanket stitch and making things from felt, it has proved pretty easy and quick!!!

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