Monday, 26 April 2010

New Quilt for Baby Tebb!!!

One of my lovely friends Abbey and her husband Mark are having a baby soon, I saw them this weekend and took them a quilt for the new baby. it's a boy, in-case you couldn't guess from the colour scheme. So here it is...
I used my new Darning foot for my Janome sewing machine to free hand quilt, it came out pretty good I think...well I was pleased with it anyway.
This is the back, I think it shows the quilting a bit better.
I used the same "flying Geese" block for 3 squares and then just used the big blue dots for the other 3 as I felt the blocks were quite busy. I think it tied in really well though...
My Mitred corner - best I ever did them!!! I used bias binding tape, machined the front then hand sewed it to the back, I prefer to have all the stitching hidden on the binding!!!
Anyway, got to dash, Photos of the MASSIVE order of fabric that came back with my Mum from Houston to follow soon....

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Evening Project!!!

It's my birthday soon (WHOOOOO HOOOO) and my plan is to have a tea party, with bunting and cakes and kids and sweets and flowers!!! It should be great...I'm hoping the weather holds for then, it's always hit and miss. So I was getting excited about it last night and decided to use some of the scraps of fabric I have lying around to make some mini bunting for my kitchen....

Here it is, what do you think? it was really easy to make, I just used a strip of Bias binding I had lying around, that I bought too short (a classic case of not measuring the quilt I wanted it for and so guessing how big it was and woefully underestimating!!!) But it has come in very useful, and then I just used scraps of different fabric I had lying around from various other projects...I good use I think, I really like it and I think it really cheers up my gorgeous dresser. (a total bargain from a lady who was moving to Canada...I think I paid around £25 for it!!! AMAZING I KNOW!!!)

Not sure what today will hold, I am investigating creating a Folksy Shop and/or an Etsy Shop....I have no experience of either but I would really like to have an easy link to where people can buy things I make!!! Sooooo, whilst waiting for my beaten and broken car to be collected I will be surfing the net for inspiration and advice!!!

Monday, 19 April 2010

More Flowers!!!

I found a pattern for these flowers somewhere on-line, they are MEGA easy to make and would be great for kids or teenagers as mini projects.

I have been in a car crash (a total nightmare) I'm okay but car is trashed, and I have been signed off work for at-least a week, so I will have more time to be crafting more hopefully over the next week. I have been experimenting with my new "darning foot" for my Janome, so hopefully I will have some finished articles which I am pleased enough with to post...although it might take longer than a week!!!

Monday, 12 April 2010

New Quilt...Early Days...

I have been working on a new quilt whilst feeling under the weather, and whilst the weather has been GLORIOUS, a very annoying combo!!! Anyway, it is the most complicated pattern I have ventured into so far, and whilst this colour selection and piecing together has worked ok, I think I can do better, so maybe when I am not sick I will have another try and see what I can create!!!

I found this pattern on-line and although I had to do some of my own working out, it seems to have come out quite well and I am pretty happy with it. Although I think if I work harder at my seams, I think I may have more success with the edges matching up!!!
Let me know what you think, I am going to do another colour selection tomorrow I think, hopefully that will come out better...ohhhh to have a bigger fabric stash!!! (one day!!!)

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Look What's Growing in My Garden!!!

Spring has Sprung!!! 
Very Exciting!!!

So I have been batch making some things to get a little stock going of goods, I am thinking about starting an Etsy shop, although I need to do some serious research into how it works, what I need to do etc...
In the mean time I am trying to get a little stock of bits and bobs...

I hope you like my little friends, if you would like one then please contact me and I'll email you with prices...they can easily be customised with names or phrases on the back to make extra special presents!!!

Next Project my most ambitious quilt yet!!! Just need to get over my nightshift sleepyness so I don't make any massive mistakes!!! Photos to follow soon!!!
Enjoy the Sunshine!!!