Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Evening Project!!!

It's my birthday soon (WHOOOOO HOOOO) and my plan is to have a tea party, with bunting and cakes and kids and sweets and flowers!!! It should be great...I'm hoping the weather holds for then, it's always hit and miss. So I was getting excited about it last night and decided to use some of the scraps of fabric I have lying around to make some mini bunting for my kitchen....

Here it is, what do you think? it was really easy to make, I just used a strip of Bias binding I had lying around, that I bought too short (a classic case of not measuring the quilt I wanted it for and so guessing how big it was and woefully underestimating!!!) But it has come in very useful, and then I just used scraps of different fabric I had lying around from various other projects...I good use I think, I really like it and I think it really cheers up my gorgeous dresser. (a total bargain from a lady who was moving to Canada...I think I paid around £25 for it!!! AMAZING I KNOW!!!)

Not sure what today will hold, I am investigating creating a Folksy Shop and/or an Etsy Shop....I have no experience of either but I would really like to have an easy link to where people can buy things I make!!! Sooooo, whilst waiting for my beaten and broken car to be collected I will be surfing the net for inspiration and advice!!!

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