Wednesday, 9 February 2011's February!!!

So time seems to be disappearing, literally before my eyes!!!
But I have been doing some fun little bits and bobs...
I made a cute paper garland as a surprise for my housemate's birthday the other day!!!
I made it using my awesome new circle cutter it's soooo GOOD!!! and a bargain...I got it in the USA when I was over at new year visiting my sister and Bro-in-law!!!
It's made by EK Success and is really easy to use. (see the link to buy or watch a video)
The 2 parts, the cutting circle and the seperate blade and holder...(the top also unscrews to hide the replacement blades!!!)
This is the blade and place it in a hole on the circle and then push down, the blade is then uncovered and it cuts a circle any size you want (up to 6") and it works defiantly need a cutting mat cause it is super sharp and can go through about 8 layers of paper easily!!!

And this is the LOVELY J (my friends beautiful daughter) who needed a nap at my house and is under my 9x9 Quilt. Sooooo cute and cuddly...

Busy, busy busy this week with 2-3 quilting projects on the go, my aunt has asked me to make her a laptop case so once the baby wakes I will get onto that, and then I have 2 quilts on the go...I really should learnt to finish one before doing to come soon...