Friday, 14 May 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy...

Life feels like it has been running away with me since I last posted, maybe it's because my car is now a write-off, so the bus is slowing me down a bit, and it's been my birthday...:-D

Amy Butler on the outside and Cath Kidson on the inside!!!

But...I have been crafting, and here are my latest creations, I had to wait till now to ensure the people who will be receiving them as gifts hopefully won't see them before they are given them tomorrow...

This fabric is from Liberty (a birthday present and it is BEAUTIFUL!!!)

The inside is Amy Butler again, plus some presents, wrapped in coordinating tissue paper!!!!

I have in no way mastered the art of the zip yet, but I am hoping that the more I do the better I will get, maybe I should watch some more tutorials on YouTube...hummmmmm...
anyway...I also made some Bunting for my birthday party, in the end, it was a MASSIVE rushed job, and I probably should have just given up and not done it, but I'm pleased I did as it is SOOOOOOO pretty!!! :-D

I used lots of different fabric, some plainer than others and some pretty busy, but all in all I love it, it cheers the kitchen up loads - I might keep it up all summer!!!

P.S. We did not paint the random 'eye' on the shed...LOL

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