Thursday, 19 May 2011

Bloggers Quilt Festival!!!

I blogged about this festival last year and loved it, so thought I would again do a BQF post!!!

Amy's Creative Side

This is the quilt I made for my best friend's baby girl, who at the time hadn't been born. I gave it to her at the baby shower, so whilst they were pretty sure they were having a pink baby, we weren't 100%!!!

I chose a new design for this quilt, for some reason I like quilts with bright colours and plain white, I think it makes them look a bit more modern and fresh...I chose my favorite fabrics and cut square, then halved them on the diagonal, and then resewed with 1/2 a white sqaure. This IS time consuming, but I LOVE the effect once it is pieced. So simple but so bold!!! I was really pleased with the quilt top, how it came together, how the joins are pretty spot-on...the back took me AGES to choose for some reason I just couldn't settle on the right colour, but I love this choice, even now. I knew baby E's mummy wouldn't be a pinky-pinky mummy, and she isn't, so I am happy that it fits them and their style!!!

Here it is all bundled up and ready to be given (a little pink bow, well a girl has to have some pink hey?), and here is baby E herself...even her Thank You cards were printed with a photo of her on her quilt and when they moved house, everyone who came round commented on it apparently!!! :-D And so here she is, Baby E and her quilt...she is a delightful baby, who I do love, (perhaps a little too much!!!)...


  1. Beautiful quilt Ruthie. I also like the contrast of bright colours against white.
    There are easier ways to make half square triangles. You can see some of the process from my post here
    You could google search for clearer tutorials too.
    Like your blog!

  2. The quilting really pops nicely,gorgeous:)

  3. Your quilt is lovely! I love the colors, so bright and pretty! : ) And the baby seems to like it as well. Great job!

  4. Beautiful quilt! Love the colors and the quilting lines. = )

  5. Love the colors and you are so right about the fresh modern feel. The quilt model is adorable.