Friday, 11 December 2009

Creations from Last Night!!!

SO this is all my creations hanging under my fire place, we don't have a tree yet, so thought I would start the festive feel with these decorations. Underneath are close-ups of some of the decorations and I'll put a quick How-to description...
This decoration is made with a base called a Yo-Yo, which is basically a disc of felt or material, stitched round the edge with a running stich, pulled tight and flattened out...

This Christmas tree was made with red felt, green embroidery thread and some lovely golden studs which cost 3p each, they have 4 tiny spikes on the back, you push them through and then press the spikes flat!!! they look great i think, and very festive!!!
More Yo-Yos, for step by step directions follow this link

Finally another snowflake made with the studs again, really quick and easy!!!

And Finally, Lucy's Cat she made...her first attempt at blanket stitch and making felt things, a good job hey? apologise that my phone camera hasn't done it justice but it is black felt, pink eyes and stitching!!!

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