Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Christmassy Things!!!

So again, apologises for a serious lack in posts...but I have now stopped all the rediculas shifts for a little while (62.5hrs in 6 days, was quite enough).
So please see below for all the things i have been creating and therefore too busy to blog...they are all Christmas related items, as you will see...
So using the Yo-Yo's I made a while ago, I decided to give them as gifts on Christmas cards. So I managed to staple the ribbon to the card, add a festive "Merry Christmas" i printed on the computer and Ta-Da!!!
So AGESSSSSSSSSS ago, i made myself a peg-bag out of an old cotton bag my step-mum gave me and my Mum said "oh, I've never had a peg bag" so I have made her one for Christmas!!!
just using a bit of Cath Kidson Oil cloth i got cheap as an off cut, and a little hanger you get with clothes for kids!!! seriously easy peasy!!!

Finally, I saw the idea for these in a magazine and decided to make them ages ago, and ended up whipping up the chocolates at about 10pm after a 12.5hr shift at work, and then making the bags at about 00.30!!! i must be mad!!! anyway i made 3 different types of chocolate. dark chocolate with ginger, dark chocolate with orange, and dried Christmas fruits on the top, and dark and white chocolate swirled together with crunchy chocolate bits round the edge. i got the paper bags from Asda, and used some of my left over ribbon and "Merry Christmas" tags from the cards to decorate the bags!!! were really nice to give out to people as little treats!!!
Anyway, i guess this will be my last blog for a while...
Oh, actually will probably post one final Christmas present i have made, but need to give it 1st!!!
Have a lovely Christmas!

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