Friday, 25 June 2010

Lovely Lucy's Birthday Bag!!!

The Lovely Lucy and her bag on Brighton beach!!! Oh Sunny evenings!!! 

Well it was my Lovely friend Lucy's Birthday this week, and upon racking my brain to think of something to make her, I decided to continue my recent quilted bag theme, and make her a quilted craft bag....
So I set about cutting 3" strips of almost all my favourite fabrics, and then sewed them together, into groups of 4, then I cut them into 3" x 4 square rows. Then arranged them randomly, joined the groups of 4's, then sewed them all together. 

Squares made from all my gorgeous fabric!!!

From there I just did a simple stitch-in-the-ditch quilt, with a very beautiful backing fabric..., then I used white biased binding on the top and bottom, then, folded it in half and sewed the sides.
I made handles from the inside fabric, triple stitched them in place and then used "cover-yourself" buttons to hide my slightly dodgy sewing!!!

Covered buttons...

What do you think? I'm going to make another one as I have enough squares for another one. Hopefully I will maybe get my shop finally up and running...give me a shout if you would like one...:-D
Enjoy the Sun, it's AMAZING weather here!!!


  1. The bag is phenomenal, i'm expecting to hear news of a shop.