Monday, 19 July 2010

Scary Pattern sewing!!!

I am venturing into the unknown with a new project. Fed up of trying to find a Maxi skirt that  looks nice, is made of black Jersey, is Long enough for my 5"11 height yet fits me well, I have decided to make my own. Now I'm not stupid, and I know how one is made, I can pretty much work it out for myself, however, as it is my 1st dip into the clothes making world, I thought buying a pattern would be wise.

The sort of look I am going for!!!

So off to my local Fabric Land I went and looked through their MASSIVE amount of catalogues and chose a cheap-ish, very simple type of skirt. I chose a Kwick Sew pattern and am following the directions!!!

I'm going for skirt A!!!

I bought the prescribed amount of black jersey material, it appears to beWAY too much. But I'm only at the cutting stage, I guess if it all goes wrong I can always make a new one...or a top or something!!! of the progress and outcome to come later this week, maybe even tomorrow!!!

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