Saturday, 28 August 2010

Blossom Quilt!!!

Blossom Quilt!!!

Another little bundle of joy will be with us soon, so I have made a little pressie for her. Her Mummy and Daddy are very good friends of mine, and it is the baby shower tomorrow. It's going to be a rather classy affair - a gazebo, blankets, cushions, bunting, cakes, food, flowers pressies and a Mummy to be!!! should be lovely!!!
Anyway this is the quilt I have made, 28' square, made from 1/2 squares, with white one side and beautiful prints on the other, creating a diamond quilt, inspired by this quilt from Pikku-Kettu Knits and Quilts.

Quilt top, before quilting
The quilt top was pretty easy to assemble, work out how many squares you want, then, half it and cut that many patterned squares and the same number of white, cut them in half, along the diagonal, then sew them together with a 1/4' seam. Lay them all out to give you the desired pattern, then I just sewed them together line by line, then pieced all the lines together and then ta-da a quilt-top.
Backing of Michel Miller Fabric with a yellow binding
Choosing the backing, as always is a total pain in the butt!!! But...I think between myself, my housemate and the quilt shop owner, we came up with this one and I am really happy with it. Whilst this is a blanket for a little baby girl, I didn't want it to be ALL pinks!!! hopefully this backing helps it not to be!!!
All wrapped up and ready for the Baby Shower!!!
Hopefully it will be well received, I'll try and get some pictures of the baby with it once she is here with us!!!

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  1. I love it! I'm sure they will like it too!