Wednesday, 17 February 2010

How -To...Make a Zip Flower!!!

My Cousin asked for a how to...and here it is...I had by sheer coincidence bought some Zips this very morning to make a few new zip flowers!!! will need

1 Zip (this one was 9 inches, but you could use a smaller 7 or 8 inch, but not much smaller) other colours work too but I like the contrast of the metal teeth on the black)
Felt (or some material could be denim, or cotton for the back)
1 Safety pin
Thread to match the zip and to match the backing
A strong needle and
a pair of scissors

1 - You need to get the zip into 2 separate pieces, do this by cutting the end off just above the metal stopper.

2 - Slide the zipper off, you can either use this on the flower or discard it...

3 - Thread your needle with normal cotton, but double it over so you are sewing with a double strand for extra strength.

4 - You need to start by making a tight coil with the end of the zip, and then secure this with a few stitches. Keep the needle and thread in the flower and keep turning, twisting and stitching to begin to build up the flower.

5 - What I have tried to show with the picture is that by folding the edge of the zip you make interesting shapes in the line of the flower. Fold these and secure flat to the flower with more stitches.
6 - Once you have sewn all the way round, tie off the thread and cut off the remainders.

7 - Using the 2nd piece of the zip, cut the top on off so both ends of the zip are the same.

7 - Sew a simple running stitch through the lower part of the zip edge, (use the matching thread, doubled over as before, I used a contrasting stitch so you can see it)

8 - Pull the thread through so that it causes the zip to curl round. Pull until it has a reasonable curl and then tie a knot in the loose end, but don't sew the ends together yet.

9 - Sew this to the underside of the flower using a similar technique to before, folding and stithing, you may end up overlapping, that is fine.
10 - Before you close the end of the zip, decide if you want the zipper on the flower or not. (I decided not to in this flower, but I have done on other flowers already posted, they look good but do add weight!) If you do, slide it on and decide where-abouts you want it, then you can put a few stitches around the teeth of the zip in the matching thread so the zipper doesn't move.
11 - Try and end with the final end of the zip ending near the middle of the underside of the flower for a neat finish. Secure the ends with a few stitches and a knot. Don't worry if it isn't very neat as all the ends will be hidden. Once the flower is finished turn it over and find your backing material.

12 - Cut a disc of felt just big enough to cover all the loose ends on the back.

13 - Using you matching thread sew the backing disc to the flower, I haven't been amazingly neat, I was being quick, but you can take your time and try to be neat, although you wont see it from the front so not a massive problem.

14 - Get your safety pin and cut a disc of the same fabric that will fit just inside your safety pin.

15 - Sew this onto the disc already there, making sure it is held securly and that you sew the fixed side to the broach or you wont be able to open it!!!
16 - You have finished - wear your flower with pride and starting making more to sell to your friends!!!

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