Wednesday, 24 February 2010

New Sewing Machine!!! YAYYY!!!!!

So, Today was the Day!!! I got a new Sewing Machine. My grandmothers sewing machine has done me well, made many a quilt and clearly stood the test of time. But I felt the time was right to purchase a new machine that would perhaps make quilting and crafting just that bit easier. So here is a look at my new machine. It is a Janome 8077. Apparently a Limited Edition slightly simplified machine of another Janome, but it does EVERYTHING I wanted it to do any more.
It is an electronic machine. (as opposed to a mechanic one, like my old one.) So it is basically computerised, I took lots of advice and most people said that the electronic was the way to go, although I am sure many people will say differently. Above are all the stitches it can do, I have spent the evening mucking around, trying all the stitches. I did have one MAJOR knot which took me a while to sort out, but seems to be fine now!!!
It has some great features including a setting to sew without the foot pedal, set the needle to always stop in the fabric (great for free-hand quilting), a really easy to use speed slider to control the speed of the machine, great for tricky areas.

This is just a little sample of some of the embroidery stitches it can do. I particularly like the stars and the blanket stitch. The blanket stitch is sooo even, something I as a mere human struggle to achieve.
Anyway, it is now VERY late, and I am meant to be at work at 7.30AM, so it's off to bed. Lots and Lots more projects to come, especially now I have this new machine!!! Night Night!!!


  1. Hello Ruthie,
    My mum has just bought a Janome sewing machine and didn't get to go to the training session because John Lewis are no longer running them - she's having trouble working out how to use it. How do you get on with yours?

  2. Hey Sally, so i think the best thing she can do is to go to her local independent sewing machine store and get some help.
    I would seriously recommend independent stores like that, they let me jave a go one all the machines, showed me how to use the one i chose eventually and were generally lovely, and everytime I go in now they are still really helpful, and check I'm still happy.
    my only other suggestion would be to look on youtube or something. Once it is going it is very simple and straight forward... I love mine...but that is coming from a VERY old machine which is apparently a good 40 years old!!! hope that helps...Rx