Monday, 22 February 2010


I was given a mobile from a friends which was a bit delapidated and worse for wear. I decided to take the wooden arms and fastenings and make some new things to hang off them. So here they are, my 2 new creations - one is cars, lorries etc, and the other is - Under the Sea...hope you like!!! (sorry for the rubbish photos, they were very difficult to capture as they were hanging and spinning)

Car, Lorry, Helicopter, Boat and Submarine!!!
Under the Sea - Turtle, Fish, Star-Fish, Clam and Whale!!!

Hope you like them both, I think they are both very lovely, I think I may give one as a gift, but if anyone would like to buy one, please let me know. Either leave me a comment here on the page or find me on Facebook.
I have been busy with a few other projects, I made a quilted iPhone case for a friend at work and will get some photos up in a few days. Plus...VERY EXCITING NEWS, I'm going to get a new sewing machine this week. I love my grandmothers sewing machine that she gave me a few years ago, but now that I am crafting so much and quilting, being able to do a few more stitches and the new facilities that modern machines have will defiantly help out!!!
More posts soon, a YUMMY recipe coming up!!!

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