Monday, 15 February 2010

Scrap Cushion!!!

I saw a cushion like this whilst in the States and thought it was a brilliant way to use up all the nice scraps of material I have left over from quilting etc. It is really easy to make, I bought the cushion cover and the filler in Asda for £4!!! (bargain!!!)

I cut and laid out all the pieces and then tacked them on, and then set about the rather boring and arduous task of sewing them all on. I chose an orange embroidery thread and used almost 2 Skeins of the stuff!!! It took almost a week of sewing in front of the TV, but it is finished and looks rather nice against my new sofa!!!!

Thanks very much to the Knights for their generosity and to God for his provision. The sofa is great and just what we needed.

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